Sunday, January 11, 2009

proverbs day seven group discussion

What is the significance of wisdom and foolishness according to Proverbs 1-2?

What kinds of people are discussed in these chapter?
adulteress (which is and example of temptation)

Discuss their goal, their kinds of life, and their futures?
Those who are doing evil, will end of destroyed yet those seeking God and wisdom will be protected.

Discuss the idea of wisdom as a treasure?
It should be something sought after, considered valuable, and something you hold close to your heart.
It should be your motivation for getting close to God and seeking him out.
Obtaining wisdom is not something we should dread but desire, so we kind find the treasure (which is how God will use the wisdom to touch someone else)

What did you learn about the Lord in these two chapters?
you are going to fear the Lord ot btain wisdom
If you turn from him, he will turn from you, but if you seek after him he will guide your paths.

How does wisdom protect us?
with wisdom you understand righteousness and justice and equity every good path

How do wisdom, understanding, knowledge, teaching, and commandments relate to one another?

Its a backwards ladder, you first must obey the commandments, receive teaching and instruction to obtain knowledge, with the knowledge you must understand, Then wisdom will come when God gives it to us. But we must first do the first four things.

What application can you make to your own life?
Mine personally would be that I would seek God daily. That I will follow his commandments, and study and learn so that he can provide me with wisdom when the time is right on how to use what I have learned. I should also make sure that my kids are doing the same. A daily devotion time and prayer is very important for my kids every day.

How does this weeks study motivate you?
I have never been more motivated to study Gods working. understanding his protection over us, if we will seek him more. I am loving this study.

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